Keynotes: Bairbre Redmond and John Willison

We are delighted to announce two additional keynote speakers at AISHE-C 2009:

  • Prof. Bairbre Redmond was appointed Deputy Principal of the College of Human Sciences in UCD in 2005 with responsibility for the development of teaching and learning developments in the College. In 2008 she was also appointed Deputy Registrar for Teaching and Learning, overseeing strategic teaching and learning initiatives at university level, funded by National Strategic Initiative Funding (SIF2). Prof. Redmond's presentation is entitled Rewarding Teaching Excellence
  • Dr. John Willison is a senior lecturer in the Centre for Learning and Professional Development, coordinating the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education for academics from all faculties at the University of Adelaide. This work has led to rich and varied collaborations on various aspects of curriculum design and assessment, within the university, at the national level and internationally. His work on `Graduate Attributes' has directly informed national level frameworks for Engineering Graduate Qualities, and work on `Reflective Practice' has led to close collaborations with South African Universities. Dr. Willison's presentation is entitled Discipline, Diversity and the Development of all Students' Research Skills.

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