The program for this conference is available via the following link.
Draft Programme, including abstracts for all presentations (updated: 26th Aug 08; MS-Word .doc format).
Day 1: Thursday 28th August
11.00am onward Arrival and Registration/Poster setup
12.00pm -12.45pm Writing for AISHE J and AISHE Readings

12.45pm -1.45pm Lunch
2.00pm - 2.15pm Plenary Welcome Address
Director of Quality: Saranne Magennis
President of AISHE: Ms Sandra Griffiths
2.15pm - 3.00pm Opening Keynote Address
Professor Lorraine Stefani, University of Auckland,
New Zealand
3.10pm - 3.50pm Parallel Session 1
'The Entrepreneurial Eco System: - What is it and does it have a role to play in undergraduate entrepreneurship education?'. Conor John Heagney, Therese Moylan, Orla Byrne.
'Using students' views to develop appropriate HE learning environments for professional education'. Ann Shelton-Mayes, Diane Stoncel.
'Introducing an Audience Response System to facilitate engagement and improve interaction in a first-year undergraduate Politics and Government module'. Kenny McCartan, Cathy Gormley-Heenan.
'Advanced learning and adaptive problem solving techniques: practical lessons from cognitive science'. David Ian Delany..

3.50pm - 4.20pm Coffee/Poster Session
4.20pm - 5.00pm Parallel Session 2
'Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language. Therapy at the National University of Ireland Galway'. Ruth Mc Menamin, Margaret McGrath.
'Reflections on Student Interaction and Engagement with Computer Science: Opportunities and Strategies for Improvement'. Sean Duignan.
'First year Learner Expectations in UK Education Programmes'. Derek Young.
'ViCoCITY - A Virtual Company Environment used in Distance Education to teach key professional skills'. Elaine Walsh, Seamus Fox, Alan Mullally, Eamon Costello.
'Lights, Camera, Action: Developing, Implementing and Evaluating an "Audio-Visual Trigger" for an Enquiry Based Learning Module'. Veronica Ann Lambert, Carol N/A Barron.

5.05pm-5.45pm Parallel Session 3
'Making it Real: Information Literacy and Student Engagement'. Ursula Byrne, Siobhan Dunne.
'Using Learning Styles to Engage Learning Communities'. Vincent Farrell, Michael P O'Brien.
'Using blended learning to develop and deliver a Science and Engineering Information Literacy programme at NUI Maynooth'. Mary Elizabeth Antonesa, Claire McAvinia.
'IADT and WebCT (Blackboard) Finally Blended?'. Barry Canice McIntyre.
'Reflections on undergraduate student's evaluation of a visual "trigger" to stimulate their learning in a PBL Module'. Joy Conlon, Veronica Lambert, Carol Barron, Tracey Harrington.

7.00pm-7.30pm Reception: Pugin Hall
7.30pm - Conference Dinner: Pugin Hall

Agenda – Day 2 Friday 29th August
9.15am-9.55am Parallel Session 4
'An experiential exercise designed to facilitate student nurses' engagement with clients who hear voices'. Aine m Mchugh, Colman Noctor.
'An online survey to ascertain students' experiences and expectations of academic practice and the virtual learning environment at GMIT'. Attracta Brennan, Rosie curry.
'War, Games, Design and Teaching Military History'. Mike Cosgrave.
'Work on your ABS'! John Fogarty, Gina Noonan.

10.00am-10.45am Keynote address
Sandra Griffiths, Queen’s University Belfast,
National Teaching Fellow 2005
10.45am-11.15am Coffee/Poster Session1

11.15am-11.55am Parallel Session 5
'Student perceptions of a pilot scale, problem based learning module in engineering'. David Hamilton, Tom O'Mahony.
'The Use of Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL) for Encouraging Student Engagement in Lifelong Learning'. Norman James Powell, William Hutchings.
'What do Asynchronous Online Discussions Tell us about how students Engage in Critical Thinking'. Gerry Grogan.
'A critical look at learning through Inquiry'. Abi Reynolds, Michael Coleman.

12.00pm-12.40pm Parallel Session 6
'The Necessity of Maths Support Centres in Higher Level Education'. Ciarán Mac an Bhaird.
'Student Perspectives on Assessment'. Martina Crehan, Noel Fitzpatrick, Paul Surgenor.
'An Emerging Community of Learner Teachers within the Institutes of Technology'. Noel Fitzpatrick.
'Academics' and students' perceptions of assessment purposes and practices'. Anne Carpenter.

12.45 p.m. – 1.15 p.m. Conference Closure and AISHE AGM
1.00 p.m. Lunch (Eat in or take away).

Poster Displays

'Stress and Employment: An examination of the interrelationship in a student population'. Fiona Nutty.
'Engaging medical students in teaching about delirium: reflections and feedback on an interactive tutorial using medical education principles'.
Aoife Maire Ni Chorcorain, Seamus P MacSuibhne, Allys Guerandel, Kevin Malone.
'Using a blog to engage students with a new lecture series: application and reflection'. Seamus P MacSuibhne, Allys Guerandel, Kevin Malone.
'Does class room layout effect student engagement?'. Fiona O'Riordan
'Them and Us - What do they expect of us and themselves?' Viv Lever,
Professor Judy Giles.
'Interventions in Mechanics -a study on home-based problem-solving'.
Richard Good, Michael Carr.
'Using student presentations for learning and assessment: some experiences'. Aidan O'Dwyer.
'Teaching and assessment of students taking a first year, Level 7 subject: analysis and actions'. Aidan O'Dwyer.
'Responding to student needs and expectations in the Library: electronic access to essential reading material'. Elizabeth Murphy.
'Challenges for Retention of first year students'. Caitriona T Carr, Michael J Carr.
"Untying the Accountancy Knot". Alice Luby alice, Dan Shanahan, Rebecca Killeen, Daniel King, Tony M Kiely, frances Boylan.
'Business Simulation Model'. Daniel King.
'Enquiry and Problem Based Learning and the Information Literate Student'. Lorna Dodd, Susan Boyle.
'"STUDIO" An Integrated Approach to Facilitate Student Engagement in First Year Computing'. Enda Finn, Christian Horn christian.
'If You Build It, Will They Come? : Strategies for Community Enhanced Learning Repositories - National Digital Learning Repository (NDLR)'. Dr. Vincent P. Wade, Catherine Mary Bruen.
'Developing Challenging Problems in Problem-based Learning (PBL)'.
Terry Barrett.

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