The program for this conference is available via the following link.
AISHE Conference Agenda August 2009

Agenda Day 1 - Thursday 27th August 09

11.00am onward Arrival and Registration/Poster setup Plenary Welcome Address

President of NUIM : Professor John Hughes

President of AISHE : Ms Saranne Magennis

12.15pm-1.00pm Opening Keynote Address

Dr John Willison, The University of Adelaide, Australia

1.00pm-2.00pm Lunch

2.00pm-2.40pm Parallel Session 1

Room JHT 7 'Unleash The Potential Within'. Michael G Kenny, Aine Kenny, Maria McLoughlin.

Room JHT 6 Plus ça change, plus ça devient la même chose - the convergence of academic professional identities in the Institute of Technology sector and the imlpications for teaching and learning. Carol O'Byrne.

Room JHT 5 Information Literacy as fourth level support. Avril Patterson.

2.45pm-3.25pm Parallel Session 2

Room JHT 8 Concept Mapping in the teaching of Physics at Undergraduate Level Education. Joanne Broggy, George McClelland.

Room JHT 7 SoTL: Rhetoric or Reality?. Fiona O'Riordan, Angela O'Keeffe, Deborah Kirkland.

Room JHT 6 Using Student Understanding to inform the development of Learning Content. Frances Sheridan, Orla Lahart.

Room JHT 5 The centre cannot hold: challenging student-centred learning. Orison Carlile, Anne Jordan.

Room JHT 4 Virtual teams in higher education: challenges and rewards for teachers and students. Yvonne Cleary, Darina Slattery. 

Room JHT 3 Towards and integrated assessment regime. Tim McLernon.

3.25pm-3.55pm Coffee / Poster Session

3.55pm-4.35pm Keynote Address                                                       

Dr Bairbre Redmond, UCD, Dublin.

4.45pm-5.25pm Parallel Session 3

Room JHT 8 Proposed Title: E-moderating: where to start?. Helena Quinn.

Room JHT 7 Teaching in Institutes of Technology - the lectures' perspective. Marion Palmer.

Room JHT 6 Nursing and Medical students' approaches to learning and studying: a longitudinal study. Gabrielle McKee. Aileen Patterson, Sandra Fleming, Sylvia Huntley-Moore.

Room JHT 5 Privilege, entitlement, and instrumentalism: Differential orientations to higher education progression and implications for teaching and course design. Elaine B Keane.

Room JHT 4 Designing problem-based learning problems in different media to challenge all students. Terry Barrett, Diane Cashman.

Room JHT 3 Breaking out for Bologna 2010. Micheál Mac an Airchinnigh.

7.00pm-7.30pm Book Launch/Reception: Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth

7.30pm Conference Dinner: Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth.

Agenda Day 2 - Friday 28th August

9.30am-10.15am Keynote Address

Dr Val Chapman, University of Worcester.

10.20am-11.00am Parallel Session 4.

Room JHT 8 'Getting real': reflections on the development and evaluation of a postgraduate nursing research. Anne Matthews, Anne Kirwan, Heikki Ellila.

Room JHT 6 An evaluation of the use of SMS messaging to enhance communication and participation within an undergraduate nursing programme. Sheila Counihan, Siobhan Smyth.

Room JHT 5 A pedagogy for diversity in higher education? The transformative potential of service/community-based learning in initial teacher education. Elaine B Keane, Josephine A. Boland.

Room JHT 4 An innovative training programme on dual diagnosis. Shobha Rani, Hanora Byrne.

Room JHT 3 A programme-wide approach to assessment: a reflection on some curriculum mapping tools. Geraldine Mary O'Neill.

11.00am-11.30am Coffee / Poster Session

11.30am-12.10pm Parallel Session 5

Room JHT 8 Collaborative group podcasts - an exercise in teaching group skills. Hannah Barton, Cliona Flood, Christine Horn.

Room JHT 7 Optimising information literacy delivery to large classes: The contact or the online approach?. David Meehan.

Room JHT 6 Reflecting on Diversity through short term community inclusion: Implications for teacher education. Frederick F. French.

Room JHT 5 Reflections on a Pilot Project to Mandate Attendance in a School of Nursing within the HEA Sector. Joanne Cleary-Holdforth. Therese Leufer.

Room JHT 4 How do we know they can teach? Teaching practice in a PGDHE course. Shelagh Waddington, Orla Hanratty.

Room JHT 3 The influence of the Complexity of Attachment in Adult & Higher Education Learning. Michael G Kenny, Ted Fleming.

12.15pm-12.55pm Parallel Session 6

Room JHT 8 Teaching and Participatory Media. Eamon Costello.

Room JHT 7 Walking Tall: Active Learning Using a Drama in Education Approach in Third Level Teaching. Almar Mary Barry.

Room JHT 6 TIC: Creating inclusive Curriculum in Trinity College. Michelle Garvey.

Room JHT 4 Research Success and Structured support: A new approach to developing early career academics in Higher Education. Hilary Geber.

Room JHT 3 Assessment in Biological Sciences at Third Level. Maeve Bridget Liston.

1.00pm-1.15pm Conference Close.

From 1.00pm Lunch (Eat in or take away)

Poster displays

'Analysis of learning styles of first year engineering students on two Level 7 programmes'. Aidan O'Dwyer

'Pilot analysis of teacher identity in part - time HE lectures and the ways in which professional development aids development of salient online teaching identities.' Jacqueline Aundree Bellew.

'Prior understanding of basic electrical circuit concepts by first year engineering students'. Aidan O'Dwyer.

'Teaching Academic Writing skills at Level 9: An Evaluation'. Deirdre McClay.

'Action Research: A Learning Tool that Engages Complexity'. Michael G Kenny, Rachel Hynes.

'The belnded learning experience: Learners' perspectives across a range of postgraduate programmes'. Siobhan Smyth, Catherine houghton, Dympna Casey, Adeline Cooney.

'Transcultural Mental Health Education'. Aileen McAuliffe, Ann Kiely.

'Sourcing Information for your Teaching & Research in Learning & Teaching'. Helen Fallon, Ellen Breen.

'Making sense of feedback: The student perspective'. Moira Susan Maguire, Brid Ann Delahunt.

'Graduate Student Research Projects at distance: Lessons Learned'. Carmel Diane French.

'The impact of eMentoring in supporting students in Higher Education'. Hazel Dewart, Paula Hixenbaugh.

'Investigating new approaches to language teaching at third level'. Julia Ann Rodgers.







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