Agenda Day 1 - Thursday 26th August 10

11.00am onwards Arrival and Registration/Poster setup

12.00pm - 1.00pm Lunch

1.00pm - 1.15pm Plenary Welcome Address

President of AISHE: Ms Saranne Magennis

1.15pm - 2.00pm Opening Keynote Address

Professor Richard O'Kennedy, Dublin City University

2.05pm - 2.45pm Parallel Session 1

Room HG05 Encouraging and nurturing student initiated collaborative and mulit-contributory projects. Claire Allen.

Room HG06 Back to the future: the experience of participating in a programme of education based on the principles of work-based learning or 'learning on the job'. Jean Clarke.

Room HG07 Choice of Assessment Methods within a Module: Students'Experiences and Staff Recommendations for Practice. Geraldine O'Neill, Kathy O'Boyle, Nicholas Clipson, Evelyn Doyle.

Room HG08 Desinging and delivering curricula for an entrepreneurial future: a pilot investigation to accelerate campus entrepreneurship. Cecilia Hegarty.

Room HG09 Shaping Nursing Curricula for Future Clinical Practice - 'Lighting the Fire' with EBP!. Joanne Cleary-Holdforth, Therese Leufer.

2.50pm - 3.30pm Parallel Session 2

Room HG05 Experiences of assessment using multiple choice questions on advanced modules taken by Level 8 and Level 9 engineering students. Aidan O'Dwyer.

Room HG06 Enhancing Knowledge Workers' Adult Learning Solutions (EKWALS): Presentation of a Grundtvig project. Michael G Kenny.

Room HG07 '', a changed approach to clinical skills teaching; nursing students in Ireland sit in the director's chair. Liz Kingston.

Room HG08 Lessons in curriculum design and institutional change. Pam Mary Parker, Susan Quinsee.

Room HG09 Flexible and Sustainable Content Delivery. Yvonne Cleary, Marie Flannery.

Room HG19 Learning for the Future - Motivational Self-Systems. Valerie Mannix.

3.30pm - 3.55pm Coffee / Poster Session

4.00pm - 4.45pm Keynote Address

Professor Denise Chalmers, University of Western Australia

4.50pm - 5.30pm Parallel Session 3

Room HG06 The Creative Design and Implementation of a Staff Development Module in Problem-based Learning in Higher Education at University College Dublin. Terry Barrett.

Room HG07 A Profile of the cognitive development of a sample of 1st Year University science students. Lorraine McCormack.

Room HG08 CSI in a Lab: A Problem Solving Approach to Undergraduate Chemistry Practicals. Carmel Breslin, Orla Fenelon.

Room HG09 Programme assessment strategies - making assessment transparent or needless bureaucracy?. Marion Palmer.


6.00pm Reception - Celebrating 10 years of AISHE 1838 Lounge.

6.30pm Conference Dinner - 1838 restaurant in DCU

Agenda Day 2 - Friday 27th August

9.30am-10.15am Keynote Address

Dr. Paul Kleiman, Lancaster University.

10.15am-10.55am Parallel Session 4

Room HG05 Knowledge workers; A Growing Vulnerable Sector in the Post-Modern Economy. William McGlinn, Michael Kenny.

Room HG06 Community-based learning and curriculum design - a crash course for academic staff. Elena Gamble, Catherine Bates. 

Room HG07 What do they really think about large classes?. Shelagh Waddington, Una Crowley. 

Room HG09 The Student as Teacher - what a first year reflective journal can tell us about the student learning experience. Vera Sheridan, Siobhan Dunne.

11.00am-11.30am Coffee / Poster Session

11.30am-12.10pm Parallel Session 5

Room HG05 The black sheep of the evaluation family? Summative SET in UCD. Paul Surgenor.

Room HG06 Situating academic writing within the contemporary curriculum. Brid Delahunt, Moira Maguire, Frances Sheridan, Ann Reynolds.

Room HG07 Fear and Loathing in Project Based Learning. Patrick Flynn.

Room HG08 An Exploration of Student Midwives Experiences of the OBjective Structured Clinical Examination Assessment Process for Obstetric Emergencies. Carmel Bradshaw, Maria Noonan, Maebh Barry, Sylvia Murphy Tighe.

Room HG09 Special Interest Groups presentation.

12.15pm-1.00pm Parallel Session 6

Room HG05 Proof of concept of a national Modular Accreditation Programme. Mark Glynn.

Room HG07 Project Based Learning - The Student Voice. Tom O'Mahony.

Room HG08 Changing Curricula in art and design education in a post bologna context, developing part-time progression routes for mature students at the National College of Art and Design. Nuala Mary Hunt.

Room HG09 Special Interest Groups Presentations.

1.00pm-1.15pm Conference close and results of Poster and Poetry competition.

AISHE Annual General Meeting.

From 1pm Lunch (Eat in or take away).

Poster displays

'What the development of Resource materials for staff engaging in curriculum change is important. Lessons from the National College of Art and Design on the development of guidelines and templates for Academic staff. Nuala Mary Hunt.

'Portfolio Assessment: The Learner Perspective'. Orna Farrell.

'PARTNERS in action'. Anne Spencer, Pamela Anne Henry.

'Facilitating innovative curriculum design for five years and into the future'. Lorna Dodd.



All Ireland Society for Higher Education